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Rita Oom

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Rita Oom is the Psychic Reader that really does care about you. Rita's readings are respected by her fellow astrologists, clairvoyants, futurists, mediums, numerologists, palmists, rune readers, psychics, seers, trancers or witches. To experience a psychic reading by Rita Oom, order today, and see the difference for yourself.

With love in her heart Rita Oom welcomes the opportunity to help any and all people. She's a non-judgmental, optimist, dreamer, and realist. She feels every human being alive must have goals in mind. Rita's philosophy in life is quite simple, "nothing will ever change unless you change it." The Oom quest is to save abused children, and if possible to teach everyone how to live in the now situation. Rita considers herself as a "happy medium," giving her insights, psychic impressions, using all of her ESP and telepathic God given talent to help others.

Rita becomes the catalyst to an individuals potential, she is also clairvoyant, and can contact people who have passed away. Oom tunes in on an individuals vibrations no props are necessary. All of her readings are different. Everyone she reads for gets her undivided attention, and she always gives one hundred per cent of herself, including a little motherly advice from time to time. As an entertainer on stage, or in front of the camera, the audiences are truly captivated by her amazing abilities. She is a natural, and fun for everyone to experience.

No question you may have would go unanswered by her "inner spirit" of love. Her readings can be done of your choosing. Rita invites you to record the readings, she can also read photographs, handwriting, articles of clothing, etc. and auras.


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